Rebecca Leppard

Rebecca was the Account Director for Travel Works Communications International when all of this started. She is now spearheads communications of Bali Hotels Association, which means she commutes between Jakarta and Bali.

Her strength in media relations is due to her experience of working with big names in Indonesian and regional media under her belt. Started creative writing since she was 9 and public speaking since 12, Rebecca pursued to study Mass Communications in University of Indonesia. Prior to joining Travel Works, she was the Senior Writer at DestinAsian magazine and a successful leader and senior editor at Mother&Baby magazine. During her days in Bali, she was also a contributing editor for Australia’s leading travel trade magazine, TravelTalk. She is now still doing everything she used to do: writing, emceeing, teaching, consulting. But she admits doing it on a freelance basis is a great way of working and living!

Her all time passion is teaching. She recognized from early age that education is the key to quality life. She taught herself English from American pop culture and then taught her housekeepers English using flash cards. To this day, she uses every opportunity to open a class and give practical lectures for Bali’s tourism industry professionals to this day.

She lived alone for 10 years and enjoyed every moment of it. Now that she has to share an apartment with a man and a baby, she will have to store her shoes somewhere safe.

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