English, Scottish, Irish, Batak, Javanese, Portuguese (?!) and everything in between!

It was a lovely (and unusually productive) Sunday today at D-10 of our flight to England, the Leppards’ home. It dawned to us (especially to Matt) that our wedding and the events leading up to that have been planned according to a common western tradition (mind you, it’s not even a full-on English) and leaving Indonesian tradition (with its hundreds of ethnic group customs) at bay, unintentionally, of course.

We realized we’re not very traditional people. However, we are people of culture, who find a twist of traditional practice here and there to be romantic and tasteful. So today we decided to add a pinch of salt, sugar and spice and everything nice to our events ^.^

For example (and a sneak peek), here’s a picture I found of a batik cloth in the making (at its third step of 12, I think). I only have about 37.5% Javanese blood, but I did a 2-year batik lesson as my extracurricular activity in high school. This batik pattern, or its sketch rather, is going to be applied on a western/modern minimalistic line of our wedding stationery.

We are going to see how we will mash all traditional practice, repertoire, and items from everything that is biologically/genetically “us” and some that are close to our hearts. Psst… you might see babi guling in the menu even though none of us is Balinese *wink*

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