How I met your father

Kids, it was simple. But damn it was not easy. It took several career jumps for me to reach the stratosphere where he was at. Then I finally met him, gave him my number, and a week later, he gave me a call, a sweet surprising long-distance morning call.

In 2008, after successfully launched Mother&Baby Indonesia, I thought I should go international, or go regional at least, publishing or no publishing. So I applied to two interesting posts: promotion executive for Singapore Tourism Board and editorial position at DestinAsian magazine. STB never called back –thanks! DA called me in for an interview. It was a swift process landing the job, but it took two months, a massive 3-day fair, and one thick anniversary issue till I finally left M&B.

I was happy with my new desk. Luxury travel was a completely new world for me. I could give you a list of several painful placenta abnormalities, but I didn’t know there’s a hotel brand called “W”. I needed references from (rival) magazines and hours worth of armchair travelling every day. I ploughed through back issues of Travel+Leisure Southeast Asia over my daily dose of cafe latte. I only focused on its “Stylish Traveller” page to get fashion shoots ideas. But, like many avid readers do, I always read magazines’ editor’s note.

At one point, I read one TLSEA editor’s note too many. Just from the wit and humour, I felt the pull. It drove me wondering how great it would be if I worked for this charming editor-in-chief. I dropped this fantasy pretty quickly. I didn’t think that highly of myself to apply to him for a job. Then again, it was merely a daydream.

Two years and one big move to Bali later, I was dispatched to Singapore, representing Bali in a travel trade show. For three days, the crΓ¨me de la crΓ¨me of travel and tourism industry gathered at Suntec Convention Center, networking and contracting (and partying too!). It was not a surprise that I bumped into a friend, lovely sales manager from TLSEA. But I had completely forgotten about my old daydream when she introduced me to “her editor”. He was standing there in all his glory: suited, handsome, with a hint of coffee breath (granted it was at a coffee stand).

But yeah… there he was. Matt Leppard in the flesh.

So kids, that’s how I met your father.

5 thoughts on “How I met your father

  1. I have a habit of blogwalking and googling people I admire ,and one of them was Matt Leppard. When you spoke of falling in love with an editor’s letter on twitter (yes, it’s me @misslailai), I didn’t realise I’d find this letter.

    I for one have always found him to be charming from his editor’s letters.

    Lucky you. πŸ˜‰ and him too, from the sound of things. All the very best for the wedding. πŸ™‚

  2. Beckyyy…
    Post yang ini juga lucuuu. So sweet! Ahahaha.
    Anggota kelompok 3 emang keren2 yaaa (apa sih ini? #localtalks)
    Lucu yah love story-mu. Salam kenal buat Sang CPP ya πŸ™‚

    P.s: aku komen ga pake bahasa enggres, gpp kan?

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