Wedding Ceremony: Tirtha Luhur, Uluwatu

Why we choose this place to say ‘I do’

As Christians, we wanted to be blessed in a church or chapel. After much googling with traffic, weather, and capacity consideration, this seemed to be the only option. Then I went there to check it out. A few weeks later I took Matthew there to get his nod. Then a few months later we took Matthew’s parents to see it. My parents didn’t need much convincing. We all loved the set up and the views.

The senior Leppards walking down the aisle 😉


The chapel looks classic and simple, unlike its futuristic sister next door. It sits up to 100 people (slim intimate people?). But we will keep the ceremony short so it should be comfortable. Because of the views (garden, pool, and THE OCEAN) we thought we wouldn’t need any decoration. I love that idea since I would hate wasting resources only to end up looking over-the-top.

"The view is rather nice," says the ocean boy.

True to form, this beautiful chapel is costly. So, I scraped the bottom of our purse and voila, we booked the chapel.

To see how to drive from the airport or your place to Tirtha Uluwatu, simply use google direction here!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: For those who would like to join the reception afterwards but don’t drive, you are welcome to hop on our bus. But please email me ( ASAP to book your seat as it’s only a 24-seater bus. First book first serve 😉

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