Wedding reception: Villa Sumatra

FAQ: Did you choose this villa because of your North Sumatran background?

Answer: Matthew and I attend (and/or organize) events and gatherings all.the.time. So when we thought of our own wedding, we knew we wanted something intimate and enjoyable (as opposed to tedious and mandatory). (Un)fortunately, I have a huge family and we both have massive friends and colleagues who are happy for us. We also don’t want to cram people in a four-wall room. This villa has the answer. People can move around and greet each other on their way to (spoiler alert!) the babi guling corner. That’s why we also encourage people to wear something classy yet easy (see dress code). But yes, we chose this villa because of my large North Sumatran family and no, I didn’t know the name was ‘Villa Sumatra‘ till I got there.

Poolside party...

... and garden party too!

Sitting down is for old people! (And girls with stilettos)

Simplified map to get to Villa Sumatra once you’re in Seminyak is here. If you want to ask direction to uncle Google, click here.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Parking spaces are available at 100 and 500 meters from the villa. But fret not, we provide unique local transfers from parking to entrance. Just pray that the weather is on our side, for we know what humidity does to our hair!

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