Confession of a discount shopper

Just wanted to share my luck lately. I’m not being sarcastic, I really have been quite lucky with my shopping. As you know, throwing a wedding is hard on the wallet. So I do need some luck to help me stay afloat with my regular shopping. Here are some of the best offers I’ve got in the past couple of months.

In January, we went to Singapore and naturally we trolled around malls. On our first day we were just looking at some suits from outside a random tailor at Far East Plaza and suddenly the Indian owner popped out and offered to make Matthew a suit. I said, “But we don’t live here. We will be gone by Friday.” He said, “The suit will be done by Thursday.” Wow. The three-piece suit with a white shirt and two bow ties that took only 3 days to make cost us S$900 (about 6 million Rupiah).

The next day I visited every jewellery store at Lucky Plaza and like fate, I found the right rings for me. Yep, two rings. I couldn’t decide which one that will be it. One ring is simple and small, very understated, much like our relationship. The other one looks royal and sparkly, much like me. Matthew said, “I prefer to marry you with the smaller ring. But if it makes you happy, you can take the other ring too. I won’t mind saying at the altar, ‘with these rings I thee wed’.” I think the owner overheard and told the saleswoman to give a package for my rings plus Matthew’s ring at S$3150 (about 22 million Rupiah).

Two days after the shopping spree we headed home and at Changi airport we stopped for perfumes. I picked up a bottle of Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Lotus just because I liked the notes when I first reviewed it for a round up of Asian-themed scent in DestinAsian 3 years ago. The shopkeeper said that it’s a buy-one-get-one item. Alright, I’m gonna be fragrant for the next 6 months!

A week later Matthew and I shopped for groceries at our usual place, Sogo Food Hall Plaza Indonesia. When we’re making our way to the cashier, I spotted a “buy-1-get-1” sign on the rice rack. The price tag was about 15% more expensive than our usual brand, but at that offer I was sold. Praise be to God, we’re good on the rice front for the next 3 months.

A few days after Matthew had a meeting at Forbes Indonesia office. Their secretary mentioned that there was a surplus of wine and they would be happy to sell 23 bottles of Chilean wine to us at half price! Now you know what you’re gonna be drinking at the wedding 😉

We were scheduled to go to Singapore again at the end of February. It’s Matthew’s secretary’s job to book the tickets for us, but as a budget traveler, I always monitor airline promotions. Only a couple of weeks before our scheduled departure, I found out that AirAsia was selling CGK-SIN-CGK for cheap. I contacted the secretary and she said the travel agent hadn’t issued our tickets for some reason and by then, their AirAsia booking went up to 2 million Rupiah per person return. I said, “Cancel it! I can use the same amount of money for both our return tickets.” Phew.

I was due to send out wedding invitations overseas before we leave for Singapore. But because the estimated cost of postage was millions of Rupiah, much more expensive than printing the actual invitations, I hesitated for a few days. I knew hesitation would not make the price go down. But somehow by the grace of God it occurred to me that I could send those overseas invites out of Singapore while we’re there! Lo and behold, it cost us only S$52 (about 370 thousand Rupiah) to send invitations within Singapore, to Bangkok, Hong Kong, and England.

I believe a few hundred people have received it by now!

That certainly put me in a happy mood. So happy that I decided to shop for shoes, plus I still hadn’t got the “something blue” for my wedding. And voila, I found a cute Steve Madden pair of blue shoes at 50% off!

Something blue, something half-off

The day before going back to Jakarta, I told Matthew that we should find Nuts ‘n Nibbles, a shop that quite obviously sells all sorts of nuts. As an aside, Matthew and I like to snack and there’s no better snack than fruit and nuts. Matthew doesn’t like the texture of fruit but he likes fruit juices, which is why I’m in the market of a good juicer *ahem, hinting for wedding present*. In the past 5 months, we had spent 4 million Rupiah to buy almonds, macadamia, and Brazil nuts regularly. They are incredibly expensive in Indonesia! So I had an idea to buy lots of nuts in Singapore. We got to Nuts ‘n Nibbles at Takashimaya and purchased 3 kilograms of our favourite nuts plus a hundred grams of walnuts to nibble on the way out. We spent S$176 (about 1.3 million Rupiah). We have a 5-month stock of nuts. And we received S$10 of Singapore government tax refund at the airport. I am proud of myself.

Nuts for nuts! You can't see the long line I caused!

Last Sunday we went to the Pacific Place to exchange the lingerie my best friends gave me at my bridal shower the day before. It was two sizes too big. Not bragging here. I just don’t have enough to fill up the cup. Matthew thought while we were there, we might as well shop for groceries at Kem Chick supermarket. On a mandatory stop at the tea aisle, we saw there’s a 25% discount for Dilmah chamomile tea. We still have some chamomile (and other kinds of tea) in stock at our British kitchen, but at that price I’m willing to stock up. At the register, the cashier said, “Maam, you picked up two cans of Campbell broccoli soup that is at a buy-1-get-1 offer so I’m going to give you two more of these.” Why thank you!

You see now how I am a happy housekeeper.

3 thoughts on “Confession of a discount shopper

  1. Andina: The lingerie has been changed and properly approved 😛
    Honey: You forgot to mention that the ring ladies thought I was a very nice man. A lot nicer than most… :*

  2. @Andina: When in doubt, always remember you father’s house address: 32A!

    @Matt: This post is about $$$ not about how nice mere strangers think you are. But that’s true, the ring shop owner did say that and actually gave me a pearl necklace because she’s so happy for us! 🙂

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