Wedding planning FAQ 1: invitation printing

So happy that today I met one of my oldest friends, Melissa Rebecca, who I believe is a top-notch lawyer in town. She is a fellow bride. It was a surprise to me by the way, since they have been together since our days back in university without a hint of getting hitched. When I gave her the invite, she asked the question so many people asked, “Where did you print this?”

Boy, if I had a nickel each time someone asks, I would have funded the wedding without my credit card getting involved. When I got home I knew I had to post the most sought after answer on our blog. Not that I get a nickel for each post view!

The printing company name is CC Card, here’s their detail below. Oh, go for Ms. Nova who handled my invitation. Her email address is

Jl P Tubagus Angke Kav 20 Ruko Angke Megah Bl A/22 RT 016/10, Jelambar, Grogol
Phone : 021 5648023 – 021 5648026 – 021 5648939
Fax : 021 5648026 – 021 5648939

Common initial response to my answer is: wow so far in Chinatown, you must have done your homework! Well, we are both in publishing industry so you would think we did some serious research, wouldn’t you?

No, we didn’t. It was all, like how we met, a serendipity.

One boring Saturday morning, I checked on my Twitter timeline for updates about nothing. A tweet from @Detikcom said that there’s a wedding expo at Jakarta Convention Center that weekend. I yelled it out to Matthew who was in the living room watching TV shows about nothing, “Oi, do you wanna go and check this out or do you have something else better to do?”

So we went to the wedding expo and ended up disappointing lots of exhibiting vendors. Venue? “No, thanks. We’ve booked one”. Photographer? “I think I’m not flying you out just to take pictures of us.” Wedding attire? “Done. We love fashion enough that we don’t rent. Also, we’re clumsy so we know we will stain your clothes.” Food? “Do you cater in Bali? No? Well, get out of my way then. But let me taste some of your cakes for the road.”

That’s the thing about having a destination wedding, you normally buy or rent things at the destination not at your domicile. BUT, we did have something we hadn’t done and should be done where I could see them: invitations!

After visiting every.single.booth and ungraciously knock over some samples and frames, we found the one. The people at CC Card were nice and helpful but not used to such small order. Yes, I don’t think Bali could hold that many people if I invited every.single.relative and their extended family.

Matthew initially insisted that we should print not only a purposeful but also useful invitation. He had his eye on a desktop calendar form of invite. I wasn’t sure about that since our wedding is going to be at Q2 of the year. Giving away calendars would be the equivalent of giving back-issues of magazines. You can still read the feature stories, but the gossip and astrology page would’ve been outdated.

When I spotted the design sample which then became our invitation, both Matthew and I nodded in unison. It was blingy, bubbly, breezy, and British. We, of course, co-wrote the text! Being (formerly) lonely (still) control freaks, it’s only fitting that we put on the cover: Somebody to love: √

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