Not about the journey, nor the destination

Well, here I am, sat in a sparse Jakarta airport Starbucks (people are fasting, it appears) on my own, again. This one-day red-eye biz trip to Singapore is my first overseas journey alone in almost a year. I think it was last September that I went to Singapore on a visa run and didn’t leave the airport for a day. Well, there are worse places to be than Changi: this airport, for starters.

I’d forgotten how lonely it can be to travel alone. I used to look forward to it to a certain extent: the thrill of getting away; the idea that anything could happen; and the me-time that single travel affords (plus the chance to explore various bars and dives around the region). Not so these days, especially since travel can be hell, and I need my wingman, muse, comfort blanket, and best friend. And she’s at home, sleeping I hope.

As to me, I barely slept last night, for whatever reason. (My insomnia seems to follow no pattern these days other than it largely happens at night, most nights, and when I am trying to sleep.) I tossed and turned and woke at least four times from what was already a light and unrefreshing sleep. I think it was the thought of traveling alone. That and a few other things on my mind right now, largely related to travel. How ironic that I used to be a travel editor.

But I should be thankful and count certain blessings: I do have something to look forward to when I come home, and that is warmth, comfort and familiarity. And that is what, so often, is missing from single travel. Such is life. At least there’s Starbucks.


2 thoughts on “Not about the journey, nor the destination

  1. I think you she write blog posts if you have something substantial to say. Not sure this offering tells us anything at all.

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