Dress Code

What to wear is the greatest question in our lives, isn’t it? We ask ourselves this question every single morning!

I will be very practical now. See the clues below and browse around. You’ll get the idea 😉

For the gentlemen, please wear formal shirt and trousers. You can leave the jacket home or just wear the waist coat, and if you feel like it, do wear your fedora!

Light color is favourable!

Bowtie is back!

NOW FOR THE LADIES! ( I had to use all caps to snap you out of that picture above, sorry!)

It’s an outdoor party by the pool and around the garden. We serve babi guling. We also have DJ. We have enough single people who are ready to mingle.  Those are the reasons why you should wear something comfortable, smart, and bright. DO NOT forget your fascinator. Yes, you need to fascinate the crowd with your headpiece. It’s a Brit wedding, it’s only appropriate 😉

Just don't wear white! 🙂

Royal hats!

And for the little ‘Suri Cruise’…

PS: Kids will have a separate buffet ^_^