Wedding planning FAQ 1: invitation printing

So happy that today I met one of my oldest friends, Melissa Rebecca, who I believe is a top-notch lawyer in town. She is a fellow bride. It was a surprise to me by the way, since they have been together since our days back in university without a hint of getting hitched. When I gave her the invite, she asked the question so many people asked, “Where did you print this?”

Boy, if I had a nickel each time someone asks, I would have funded the wedding without my credit card getting involved. When I got home I knew I had to post the most sought after answer on our blog. Not that I get a nickel for each post view!

The printing company name is CC Card, here’s their detail below. Oh, go for Ms. Nova who handled my invitation. Her email address is

Jl P Tubagus Angke Kav 20 Ruko Angke Megah Bl A/22 RT 016/10, Jelambar, Grogol
Phone : 021 5648023 – 021 5648026 – 021 5648939
Fax : 021 5648026 – 021 5648939

Common initial response to my answer is: wow so far in Chinatown, you must have done your homework! Well, we are both in publishing industry so you would think we did some serious research, wouldn’t you?

No, we didn’t. It was all, like how we met, a serendipity.

One boring Saturday morning, I checked on my Twitter timeline for updates about nothing. A tweet from @Detikcom said that there’s a wedding expo at Jakarta Convention Center that weekend. I yelled it out to Matthew who was in the living room watching TV shows about nothing, “Oi, do you wanna go and check this out or do you have something else better to do?”

So we went to the wedding expo and ended up disappointing lots of exhibiting vendors. Venue? “No, thanks. We’ve booked one”. Photographer? “I think I’m not flying you out just to take pictures of us.” Wedding attire? “Done. We love fashion enough that we don’t rent. Also, we’re clumsy so we know we will stain your clothes.” Food? “Do you cater in Bali? No? Well, get out of my way then. But let me taste some of your cakes for the road.”

That’s the thing about having a destination wedding, you normally buy or rent things at the destination not at your domicile. BUT, we did have something we hadn’t done and should be done where I could see them: invitations!

After visiting every.single.booth and ungraciously knock over some samples and frames, we found the one. The people at CC Card were nice and helpful but not used to such small order. Yes, I don’t think Bali could hold that many people if I invited every.single.relative and their extended family.

Matthew initially insisted that we should print not only a purposeful but also useful invitation. He had his eye on a desktop calendar form of invite. I wasn’t sure about that since our wedding is going to be at Q2 of the year. Giving away calendars would be the equivalent of giving back-issues of magazines. You can still read the feature stories, but the gossip and astrology page would’ve been outdated.

When I spotted the design sample which then became our invitation, both Matthew and I nodded in unison. It was blingy, bubbly, breezy, and British. We, of course, co-wrote the text! Being (formerly) lonely (still) control freaks, it’s only fitting that we put on the cover: Somebody to love: √

Direction to Villa Sumatra

This is a simplified map.

Trust me, hiring a car (and a driver) in Bali is going to be the best travel decision you ever make. It’s only about US$50 per 24 hours! It will save you a lot of taxi money, nerve about being lost, and more nerve dealing with manic driving style that’s going on left, right, and center.

For car rental inquiries, please call Bli Wayan, 62/812-396-4771.

For driving direction, please ask Google here. See ya!

Suite surrender: where to stay!

Coming to the wedding but need a place to rest your head amid the celebrations? Here are our hot picks to suit all budgets and expectations. And yes, I usually tend to write in magazine PR blurb… It’s my job.

The Grey Boutique Inn
Few-frills 2-star boutique accommodation with free Wi-Fi—always a plus in our books—this little find may be the perfect place to nap before and after the nuptials. Located on sunset road, this is a great base camp when you’re not at the wedding.
Budget: USD35++ (IDR300,000++) per night for a superior room for two. Let them know that you’re our guests and receive a special rate of IDR300,000 nett!
Address: The Grand Kuta Residence Lane No 8x, Seminyak, Kuta 80361
Tel: +62 361 847 5937

Holiday Inn Baruna Bali
The entire Holiday Inn brand (and, therefore, properties) recently underwent a much-needed renovation and overhaul. The 1970’s-style motel associations are gone, and in their place are modern amenities and a touch of efficient luxury. The Bali property is no exception: well appointed and ideal for the whole family, it boasts a beachfront location, too. Comes with our personal recommendation.
Budget: US$170++ (IDR1.5m++) per night for a superior room for two.
Address: Jalan Wana Segara, Bali 80361
Tel: +62 361 755 577

The Intercontinental Bali Resort
Another personal recommendation, the InterCon is an upmarket five-star stay in Uluwatu, about halfway between the chapel and the party venue. Somewhat exclusive, the price reflects the property’s charm and Bali beauty, but you get what you pay for in the service, the spa and the seclusion. At “press time” domestic travelers also get a special package, so book now!
Budget: US$240++ (IDR2.15m++) for a classic room for two
Address: Jalan Uluwatu 45, Jimbaran 80361
Tel: +62 361 701888

Fave Hotel Seminyak
Fresh, fun and funky… Yep, all the “effs” seem to apply to this 2-star central-Seminyak stop. It also describes itself as “functional” which means it’s not one for the luxe crowd. But if you want a place just to rest your head and that doesn’t cost the earth (and you love Bali bar-hopping and other distraction pre- or post-wedding), this just might be the place for you.
Budget: USD40++ (IDR 360,000++)
Address: Jl. Abimanyu (Dhyana Pura) No. 9A, Seminyak, Bali
Email: SeminyakInfo@FaveHotels.Com
Tel: +62 361 739 000

Nipuri Hotel
Perhaps the best-placed property among those listed here for the wedding (it shares the same zip code with the reception location), the Nipuri is nestled near a peaceful rice field. With attractive facilities, a certain style and grace and a very affordable price point, the Nipuri offers a minimalist rest away from the bustle of Kuta.
Budget: USD30++ (IDR270++) for a twin room for two
Address: Jln. Batu Belig No. 16X – Batu Belig, Kerobokan, Kuta
Tel: +62 361 415 899

W Retreat & Spa Seminyak
We were there for the soft opening and the grand launch (and a grand hangover, I freely but ashamedly admit) so it seems fitting to include this homage to wonderful excess. Decked out with dazzling decor and with a fabulous array of dining options (a sumptuous W breakfast is the only way to start the day), this is the second-best place to see and be seen. (The best being our wedding, of course.)
Budget: US$320++ (IDR2.8++) for a standard room for two
Address: Jln. Petitenget, Seminyak, Bali 80361
Tel: +62 361 473 8106

The Perfect Wedding (No Such Thing)

I’m a Virgo, born to be a perfectionist, particular, and a pathological people-pleaser. A dear friend of mine, whom I asked to be the wedding pianist, is currently terrified. She thinks I will have her head if she f-up the wedding march. She said, “If it was our other friends, I’d be more at ease. I know they can laugh it off if I make a mistake. But it’s you! That’s it. I am flying my piano teacher as my wedding date, just in case I faint out of fear of messing your wedding.” And my friend is a fierce litigation lawyer!

I actually don’t blame her for feeling like that. Hell, even I am hard on myself. I obsess on every purchase. I shop till I find the perfect thing and after I pay I would shop some more just to make sure I did get the best deal for the item. I also ask and compare with one of my bestfriends, who happens to be a fellow bride. I told Matthew that I’d spent hours shop-hopping just to be sure that the diamond rings we got the day before were at the best price. He said, “But what for? So what’s gonna happen if you find out that the rings were too expensive? Buy another pair of rings?”

The next day, Matthew and I were enjoying our afternoon break in Singapore when Matthew’s mum texted me to go on Skype to discuss about her hat. She thought it was blue, apparently it’s black and it looks like a funeral hat, not wedding-y. We rushed back to our hotel and got connected to mum. Matthew rolled his eyes and said, “I’m gonna take a shower while you ladies are on your hat summit.”

A few days after, I found out that the vintage wedding dress I had been eying was sold out. I took a deep breath and thought about what Matthew would say if I sweat this one. At the end, (to spare myself) I didn’t. But I did spend hours of long distance phone calls and text to my wedding confidante in Bali and bridal tailor in Holland to discuss the contingency plan.

I only took wedding planning seriously about a month after our engagement last December and this has taught me one thing so far: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A PERFECT WEDDING. Things go wrong, get forgotten, don’t fit, are wet and not in stock.

I stumbled upon this HuffPost article about a woman who got married twice and is in wedding business. So she does know a thing or two. Here’s her note:

1. Your wedding, your marriage, and your life will be filled with flaws, mistakes, inappropriate jokes, and unexpected plot twists. Embrace the weirdness of it all, and learn to laugh at yourself.

2. Planning a wedding is just like starting a business. You have a budget and need rent space, hire employees, and create something that delights your customers/guests. If wedding planning with your partner isn’t fun, you probably shouldn’t start a business together.

3. Wedding photos lie. Especially the ones on blogs, in magazines, and on Facebook. Pretty does not equal happy, and happy is way more awesome.

4. Everybody has gross morning breath. That’s kind of unrelated, but not necessarily. It just a thing that’s true.

5. There are no signs or omens. If your dress arrives late or it rains on your wedding day, it has no bearing on the quality of the life that you build, every day, together. (More on this article)

Répondez S’il Vous Plaît

Wedding reception: Villa Sumatra

FAQ: Did you choose this villa because of your North Sumatran background?

Answer: Matthew and I attend (and/or organize) events and gatherings all.the.time. So when we thought of our own wedding, we knew we wanted something intimate and enjoyable (as opposed to tedious and mandatory). (Un)fortunately, I have a huge family and we both have massive friends and colleagues who are happy for us. We also don’t want to cram people in a four-wall room. This villa has the answer. People can move around and greet each other on their way to (spoiler alert!) the babi guling corner. That’s why we also encourage people to wear something classy yet easy (see dress code). But yes, we chose this villa because of my large North Sumatran family and no, I didn’t know the name was ‘Villa Sumatra‘ till I got there.

Poolside party...

... and garden party too!

Sitting down is for old people! (And girls with stilettos)

Simplified map to get to Villa Sumatra once you’re in Seminyak is here. If you want to ask direction to uncle Google, click here.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Parking spaces are available at 100 and 500 meters from the villa. But fret not, we provide unique local transfers from parking to entrance. Just pray that the weather is on our side, for we know what humidity does to our hair!

Dress Code

What to wear is the greatest question in our lives, isn’t it? We ask ourselves this question every single morning!

I will be very practical now. See the clues below and browse around. You’ll get the idea 😉

For the gentlemen, please wear formal shirt and trousers. You can leave the jacket home or just wear the waist coat, and if you feel like it, do wear your fedora!

Light color is favourable!

Bowtie is back!

NOW FOR THE LADIES! ( I had to use all caps to snap you out of that picture above, sorry!)

It’s an outdoor party by the pool and around the garden. We serve babi guling. We also have DJ. We have enough single people who are ready to mingle.  Those are the reasons why you should wear something comfortable, smart, and bright. DO NOT forget your fascinator. Yes, you need to fascinate the crowd with your headpiece. It’s a Brit wedding, it’s only appropriate 😉

Just don't wear white! 🙂

Royal hats!

And for the little ‘Suri Cruise’…

PS: Kids will have a separate buffet ^_^